Monday, April 27, 2009

Host by Stephaine Meyers

Host is a Si-fi about what would happen if the earth was peacefully invaded by aliens called souls. wander (a soul) has recently been placed in a new body, Mel. The thing none of the training got her ready for was what if the human just wont leave? Mel refuses to just die. worst of all because of Mel Wanderer finds her self in love with a runaway human. Can Wanderer find him before the rest of her species?

I thought Host was a brilliant novel and no disappointment. After Twilight I don't think it got as much recognition as it deserved. I have never read a book where you see out one body from two minds, truly compelling, a must read.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wooo Hoooo we have a winner of the Golden Girl and Chosen contest! Drum roll please.............

The Winner Is Katie
She has until April 2oth to send her mailing address and except the prize

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I have decided to have my first contest! Wohoooo! This is going to be a double giveaway, the winner will receive Chosen and Golden girl. Here the deal send mean email at telling me your number one band or singer(no particular reason just curious) and I will them chose the winner from a hat. The Winner will be chosen on April 14th when I get back from Ireland, so the winner might even get an international surprise. Good Luck to all.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Model by Cherel Diamond

Pretty Girl. Ugly Business
Model is a Memoir written by Model Cheryl Diamond. As most people know the modeling industry is one of the most cutthroat industry to get into. It is stressful and abusive on all those trying to make it big and for 14 year old Cheryl Diamond that was no exception. After a few years of NO she finally heard YES. Signing with Prima Models was the first big step in her journey.
When received this package in the mail I was excited to rip it open and devour the content. Her story was uplifting and had a great message we can all relate to, which is don't give up and go for what you want. Also never let anyone dye you hair orange. Cheryl's rise, fall, and rise again was a truly enlightened sequence of events. Cheryl is also a very witty and intelligent person which helps fight against the stereo-type model showing young girls that Not all models are stuck up bimbos. I think this a great read for all teenage girls, its a real self-esteem lifter.

Privilege by Kate Brian

Ariana Osgood has it all ... well had it all anyways. After being convicted of murder Ariana is sent off to Brenda T. Trumbull Correctional Facility for Women, well that just wont do. Ariana does not deserve to be her she had a life, friends what else could she want. I only he had thanked her for saving him, if only they got back together. Yes he deserved what he got and could have stooped it. Ariana knows she does not belong at Brenda T. so she leaves, escapes to put in your terms. Now all that's left is for Ariana to claim that life of glamor she left behind.

Being a huge Kate Brian fan when Privilege came out I just had to have it and I knew my excitement was worth it. This book was diffidently not a letdown for me. I loved every word. I mean to write a book about someone as messed up in the head as Ariana and still make you like her is a phenomenal achievement. I think that Brain hit a home run with this book.

Jenny Greens Killer Junior Year by Amy Belasen and Jacob Osborn

Jenny Green wants a new start, and really who doesn't. If that start happens to be at Montreal's Molson Academy (where her long time crush Josh Beck happens to go) well that's just a bonus. Jenny Green has always been a spoiled princess so she gets the surprise of her life when she is stuck living with the hippie freaks of Molson. Forgetting this set back back she has no trouble getting all the boys she wants and more. So what happens when she learn how horrible the opposite sex can be super girl takes over and she takes no prisoners. How far will Jenny go to rid the world of all this scum?

This book was great. I absolutely love Jenny Greens character, she is so real but at the same time she is the best and worst of all of us. Jenny does what we all dream of doing, taking a stand against something. This book was relevant in so many ways. I think we can all learn a little about our subconscious desires from our friend Jenny Green.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The One by Ed Decter

Chloe Gamble is one of those girls. She has the determination and drive to get there. But where does she want to go? Chloe is destined for Hollywood and she knows it. She also knows that she needs to get as far away from Spurlock Texas as possible. After pulling the biggest stunt of her life Chloe will learn sometimes its better to be infamous than famous.
This book is a great read. It is full of dynamic characters and plot twists. I think many young readers can easily relate to Chloe because she has big dreams, not only that she appeals to all of those girls stuck in a small no-where town desperately tyring to get out. This book was a defiant success in my mind.